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I HATE not knowing the country of orgin for a lot of Aldi products,.But then I guess they would be crunchy granolas instead of extreme couponers. Hmmmm.

Extreme Couponing: Desperate Economic Times Call For

Pumpkin lattes start showing up in August and then it just snowballs from there.

7 Ways to Maximize Your Coupon Savings | Extreme Couponing

I then slapped her hand like a petulant child, took my two bottles and told her to get a life.I keep extras of those items but somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-10, not 100.I want to know how much these people spend on the shelves for their stockpile.

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I did end up with some super cheap old spice body wash, which was kind of nice, but it is NOT worth the time.Every time I buy Clif bars I get a register coupon for a dollar off two or four Clif bars, or else they send me a coupon flyer in the mail for a bunch of stuff I buy every week.

How to Begin Extreme Couponing With Drugstore Coupons

But I only cut coupons from the free weekly newspaper that everyone in our neighborhood gets.She started grabbing by the armful and putting them in her cart.Here are the top 10 easy ways to use coupons at the grocery store,. a big decline of grocery stores that offer double coupon. 7 Extreme Couponing Tips.Save money on hundreds of brands in store or online with Find printable coupons for grocery and top brands.Most of these people have some sort of family. spouses, kids, etc.

I dare her to save one of those cake mixes for 10 years, and see how it comes out.In fact, sometimes TLC will show marathons of the show, and when I tune in, sometimes I have a hard time turning it off.In fact, I became a little inspired by the show and now have a SMALL pile of stuff, like free floss and practically free vitamins.You shake your head and move on because you are not an extreme couponer. ever clipped are expired when you finally remember to cart them to the grocery store.If were a cashier, I would never want one of these people coming through my line.The show is unrealistic and gives ethical coupon users a bad name.


Not into extreme couponing,. (The Anti-Extreme Couponing Grocery Store).

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Extreme couponers display their store receipts like a badge of.

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Plus if I can get toothpaste for free I get it.not 70 of them.Well for one by exploiting mental illness as something to be admired.The show profiled four extreme couponers and their quest to spend almost nothing at the grocery store.Mostly though, I just use our grocery storm membership card to benefit from the sale prices, especially on produce.Even I Get Annoyed With The Big Binders and Multiple Transactions but today.

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Where is the line between being a cheap bastard and being frugal.I applaud people who are good at using coupons to their advantage on the things that they would be buying anyway, and sometimes I try to take advantage of some of those savings.I actually have people who come down my road and STEAL my paper for the coupons.Those extreme couponers are exhibiting obsessive-conpulsive behavior, at the very least.I had to stop my subscription to the newspaper because people kept stealing them(for the coupons).Extreme couponing might not be for everyone, but these tips can still help keep your bank account healthy. Top 10 Marked-up Items in the Grocery Store.Its like a production when I rip the coupon off to give to the cashier.

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Hamburger Helper makes me want to vomit on my husband and then punch him in the throat.Besides, most of the coupons I find are for processed foods which I generally try to avoid.The 2 bedrooms look pretty organized and tidy with everything arranged neatly on shelves, but the man cave is just piled high with plastic grocery bags.The thrill of the hunt is great, seeing a reasonable stockpile is great, giving to the less fortunate is truly worthy.

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